programming software / OPC / monitoring / automation



  • Function:

    monitoring, programming, data acquisition, interface, automation, server, data exchange, OPC

  • Applications:

    process, machine, UA

  • Type:


  • Operating system:

    web browser


The WebConnector as a process data gateway is the link between the web client and the automation world.

The rapid and secure data exchange between the user application and WebConnector is done via WebSockets to communicate with subordinate units such as controls and drives via OPC UA and Open Core Interface. The advantage: the developer does not have to deal with the programming interfaces and communication mechanisms of the automation world. JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js and Node-RED can be used to create applications.

The integrated web server provides a platform for web-based HMIs. It can be used to provide customer-specific visualizations based on the HTML5 web standard. Machine manufacturers can thereby create dialogs for use cases such as setup, diagnostics, service, production data acquisition and monitoring themselves. These can be displayed in a web browser on both stationary and mobile devices.

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