water absorption measuring instrument / kneading characteristics / electromechanical / laboratory



  • Measured value:

    water absorption, kneading characteristics

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    laboratory, for food applications, for flour

  • Other characteristics:



Farinograph-E: The standard instrument for measuring flour quality

What does it measure?
The Farinograph-E measures the flour water absorption and the kneading characteristics of dough.

Why is this important?
- Estimation of the optimum water amount for a flour to form a dough
- Prediction how a flour will react in different stages of production and baking
- Definition of flour specifications for a given purpose
- Assurance of stable product quality

How is the test performed?
- A flour sample of is weighed and placed into a mixing bowl
- Water is added to the flour and mixed to form a dough
- A curve is recorded, according to the resistance of the dough against the mixing action
- The shape of the curve gives information about the water absorption of the flour, the dough stability, the development time and the degree of softening

Standards fulfilled (amongst others):
- ICC-Standard No. 115/1
- ISO 5530-1
- AACC Method No. 54-21.02

What are the benefits?
- Quality assurance: Compliance with international standards, optimization of flour quality
and constant product quality
- Cost saving: Saving flour in production and minimizing production losses
- Best profit: higher flour price and more baking products