protein analyzer / for integration / automatic / laboratory

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protein analyzer / for integration / automatic / laboratory protein analyzer / for integration / automatic / laboratory - HDX


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    for integration

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    automatic, laboratory


Are you looking for a way to identify structural hotspots within your potential biotherapeutic protein?

Are you searching for a solution for understanding structural conformational changes of your biotherapeutic during formulation or storage?

Do you want to understand more about the protein-ligand (drug/protein) interactions and their relationship to drug activity?

The Bruker HDX Solution enables you to answer these questions and unlock insights into protein structure conformation, delivering reliable end results - first time, every time.

The Challenges of Biotherapeutic Development
Researchers within (bio)pharmaceutical sciences are increasingly tasked with gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of the effects interactions and stressors such as pH or temperature, have on the conformational structure of biotherapeutic proteins. This is a very challenging task and researchers often use a variety of analytical tools to study the higher order structure of the biotherapeutics, monitor protein/protein-drug interactions and perform epitope mapping.

In recent years Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) has emerged as a valuable technique within the arsenal of analytical tools available for providing such insights into protein structure conformation. However, until recently HDX-MS was confined mostly to academic research laboratories, due to a lack of automation and limited data interpretation tools, as well as the need to have reliable monoisotopic mass assignments.