research microscope / atomic force / high-resolution / for nanotechnology
Dimension XR



  • Technical applications:

    for research

  • Type:

    atomic force

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, for nanotechnology


Bruker’s Dimension XR scanning probe microscope (SPM) systems incorporate decades of research and technological innovation to deliver the utmost performance, functionality, and capability in nanoscale investigation. The extreme research (XR) family of SPMs for FastScan® and Icon® AFM platforms provides unique packaged solutions for advanced research in nanomechanical, nanoelectrical, and nanoelectrochemical characterization. Quantification of materials and active nanoscale systems in air, fluid, electrical, or chemically reactive environments has never been easier.
• Quantitative Analysis for Nanomechanical Applications
• Multi-Dimensional Nanoelectrical Characterization
• Highest Resolution Scanning Electrochemical Imaging
• Unlimited Flexibility to Expand Your Research