research microscope / medical / optical / compact

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research microscope / medical / optical / compact research microscope / medical / optical / compact - LCS SPIM


  • Technical applications:

    for research, medical

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    cost-effective, motorized


Key Features
High-performance, cost-effective bench-top device
Unique cuvette-based sample mounting approach
Fast 3D imaging of large cleared samples
Compact, vibration-free and robust design
Resolution down to 1 µm in 3D
Browser-based user interface

Product Overview
The LCS SPIM is the latest product in Luxendo’s growing family of light-sheet microscopes. The basic configuration of the Luxendo LCS offers a cost-effective solution for cleared sample imaging. Based on a very versatile layout, the highly flexible upgrade options expand the performance of the system to increase speed and optical performance.

A quartz crystal cuvette, available in different lengths, facilitates mounting of large, delicate samples. The specimen is simply introduced into the cuvette filled with the clearing solution. The motorized sample stage for positioning and stack acquisition as well as the programmable optics concept for fast 3D scanning of the light-sheet through the sample ensure that the sample remains unperturbed during the imaging experiment while achieving the highest acquisition speed.

Typical applications of the microscope include imaging of large cleared-tissue samples, e.g. whole mouse brains to visualize complete neuronal and vascular networks. Microscopy of cleared organs or thick tissue samples is highly relevant in developmental biology studies and for cancer research, e.g. when investigating organ development, tumor structure and tumorigenesis.