FT-IR spectrometer / R&D / benchtop / high-sensitivity



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    benchtop, high-sensitivity, high-resolution


The VERTEX FT-IR research spectrometer productline is the culmination of everything Bruker has pioneered and developed in over 35 years.
The VERTEX Series is built on a fully upgradeable optics platform that is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. VERTEX spectrometers share a wide range of features, including an artificial intelligence Network, Automatic Component Recognition (ACR), the Plug & Play Ethernet connection and Automatic Accessory Recognition (AAR).
Bruker’s VERTEX 70v FTIR vacuum Spectrometer is based on the well-known RockSolid™ interferometer and the ideal entry level system for Advanced Research applications. The vacuum optics bench provides class leading specifications.
The VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v vacuum FT-IR spectrometers are based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which provides PEAK spectral resolution. The precise linear air bearing scanner and PEAK quality optics guarantees the ultimate sensitivity and stability. The VERTEX 80v is an evacuated optics bench that can eliminate atmospheric moisture absorptions for ultimate sensitivity and stability; enabling demanding experiments such as high resolution, ultra fast rapidscan, step-scan, or UV spectral range measurements.