piling drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
JX series



  • Applications:


  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:


  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, construction

  • Drilling depth:

    Min.: 6 m (19'08")

    Max.: 8 m (26'02")


One of the latest BSP developments is the introduction of the UK’s first mobile, radio-controlled, self-erecting piling rig mounted on a low ground pressure crawler JCB JS200 excavator or the New JCB 220X carrier.

This new BSP JX rig has been built to use the minimum requirements for heavily engineered piling mats and comprises a 12.5m single piling mast and BSP DX25 hydraulically accelerated drop hammer and is capable of driving Steel, Wood or Concrete piles in up to 8m sections.

A primary braked piling winch carries the 4.5t piling hammer whilst a secondary winch is used to handle the piles. This version of the rig incorporates a mast foot and pile guide. The BSP DX25 hydraulic hammer is an ideal tool for this sort of work combining a robust build with productivity unsurpassed for its size.

Requiring just 150 litres per minute of oil flow at 160bar, the high performance hammer can deliver up to 25kNm of energy at 60bpm. This performance exceeds the requirement on most projects for concrete driven piles resulting in the machine working at just 50% power. This keeps the diesel fuel consumption of the base rig to a minimum. Currently, rig fuel consumption is an economical six to seven litres per hour.