atomic absorption spectrophotometer / UV-Vis / benchtop / single-beam



  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, single-beam, atomic absorption


10" color touchscreen
Automated wavelength selection
Automated Slit selection
Easy to operate 5 tab GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Automatic gas box for easy changeover from Air to N2O
Push button ignition
Emergency gas shut-off in case of flame outage
4 USB ports for printer, mouse, and keyboard
Stable, Reliable, & Easy to use.
3 lamp turret with 3 lamp power supply,
High energy optical design for better As & Se results
Compact size and light weight
Military grade design stands up to years of corrosive environment usage.
D2 Background correction
Low cost consumables and maintenance
Manufactured and supported in the USA
No service contract needed
Free In-House training for the life of the instrument
CE Certified