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    belt, magnetic belt

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Bunting® MagSlide® Magnetic Slide Chip and Parts Conveyors are built to handle the tough jobs.

Remove, Transport, and Elevate Abrasive Ferrous Material
Dirty, oily parts, jagged, abrasive scrap, and other punishing materials that could damage or jam conventional conveyors are no challenge for Buntings 3-D CAD-designed, ruggedly constructed slide plate conveyors.

They are ideal for use anywhere you need to transfer ferrous chips, turnings, and small parts from lathes, mills, or stamping presses or from slitting, forming, and other metalworking operations. Chain-driven, permanently charged high-energy Ceramic magnets inside the conveyor housing attract and move ferrous material along the conveyors stainless steel faceplate. Optional water-tight housings can be submerged into almost any type of hot or cold liquid.