tunnel demagnetizer / for workpieces / for flexible conveyor chains / impulse
D-F, D-R, D-B Series



  • Configuration:


  • Product handled:

    for workpieces

  • Other characteristics:

    for flexible conveyor chains, impulse


The electronic impulse demagnetizers standard D-F, D-R and D-B series, have been designed to be installed into flexible conveyor chains such as Flexlink, Rotzinger and Bosch types, for the demagnetization of the single part. It is possible to adjust and install these demagnetizers in other flexible chains types and models. For a correct evaluation of the demagnetizing coils installation, please send us:

- Cross-sectional drawing of the conveyor chain with dimensions
- The materials of the conveyor chain

The Demagnetizers consist of an electronic control cabinet with support and a separate demagnetization coil. Depending on the customer needs, demagnetizers can be supplied with or without support.

Process Description:
The parts are transferred from the line one at a time, inside the demagnetization coil. When the part is in the middle of the coil, the demagnetization impulse is imparted without it being necessary to stop the part and without any magnetic retention. Various electronic control units and coils are available according to the sizes of the parts.

Characteristics and Advantages:
- Minimum residual magnetism
- Demagnetization of the single part
- Minimum energy consumption (< 150 W)
- High productivity: up to 2 sec, depending on part size.
- No magnetic retention
- Easy installation
- Almost zero maintenance

- Support for the electronic control unit
- Cable length between electronic control unit and coil

- Automotive Manufacturers
- Bearing Manufacturers