multifunction data-logger / humidity / temperature / motion



  • Measured quantity:

    humidity, temperature, motion, CO2, pressure, universal, tilt, depth, voltage, acceleration, shock, vibration, conductivity, pH, air velocity, current, level, flow, pulse, light-intensity, UV, brightness, frequency, resistance, dry contact, energy consumption

  • Connector type:

    HSPA+, USB, WiFi, GSM / GPRS, radio frequency, RS-232, UMTS, Ethernet, with PC interface, Modbus, RS-485, LAN WLAN

  • Display:

    with LCD graphic display, with touch screen

  • Applications:

    for monitoring, high-temperature, for Pt100 probe, for meteorological sensors, for solar sensors, hydraulic system, for ultrasonic meters, rain gauge

  • Other characteristics:

    multifunction, programmable, high-resolution, meteorological, battery-powered, weather-resistant, self-contained, rugged, stand-alone, IP65, high-accuracy, with integrated operating system, environmental, modular, intelligent, DIN rail, automatic, with web interface


The Mhaster is the datalogger to which they referred all the management tasks of the equipment in the field. A powerful hardware has been built based on embedded Linux operating system to best achieve all these activities, while ensuring high flexibility and user friendly graphical interface.

The high computing capacity made available by Mhaster allows a complete multitasking, i.e. operation allows users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Communication activities and the elaboration by the datalogger happen, in normal conditions, in a few seconds. This allows the optimization of the operation, with a consequent limitation in energy consumption.

The high computing capacity of the data logger also makes possible the compression and encryption of data by mean of standard procedures, or the development of applications by the Client or third parties, e.g. implementation of computational algorithms which may activate alarms locally or remotely when certain events happen.

Processor: CPU ARM Cortex A8 500MHz
Operating System: Linux