CAD/CAM software / control / planning / graphic

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CAD/CAM software / control / planning / graphic CAD/CAM software / control / planning / graphic


  • Function:

    CAD/CAM, control, planning, graphic, production management

  • Applications:

    process, cutting


The FINEST CUT system contains a CAD/CAM module for the graphic design of work pieces and for establishing the cutting technology on the basis of the desired cutting process for the material and material thickness.

FINEST FINEST OFFER is the universal tool for generating quo-tations for 2D cut parts, which are manufactured by separati-on cutting processes such as gas, plasma, laser and water-jet technologies. The program was developed specially for contract cutting companies, so that they can generate customer-specifi c quotations quickly and reliably and can administer existing quo-tations for cut parts with ease and convenience. The cost esti-mates, which are determined by the program, form a reliable basis for the pricing of the particular item in the quotation. There are several helpful strategies available to you for the integrated pre-calculation, which is designed to determine material require-ments and manufacturing costs. Cost estimates are determined for all the external and right-angle surfaces, as well as for com-ponent surfaces. With FINEST OFFER you have a comprehen-sive range of functions for quotation and data management. You can generate drawings for the pre-calculation and also perform monitoring analyses. The data from quotations, which have been successfully converted into orders, can be transferred directly as orders into FINEST CUT/PPS or exported into other systems (Excel, fi nancial accounts etc.).