blister packaging machine / for paper / for the medical industry / high-speed



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for paper

  • Domain:

    for the medical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, with sealing bar, linear


Blister packer model "MK"
Designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry and in observance of GMP standards, the MKblister packaging machine has maintained the principal characteristics which distinguish CAM blisterpackers.
Simplified use and ease of cleaning

The path of the web between the reel and forming material and the cutting station is as short and linear as possible giving the operator full vision and total control of all the principal functions of the machine. The above together with a careful design study which has separated the areas enclosing the mechanicat movements from the areas dedicated to product handling, enable line clearance and machine cleaning upon batch change-over to be carried-out with simplicity and ease. Format change-over can be carried-out by the use of quick release devices, even by unskilled personnel.
Flexibility / versatility

The machine can handle a wide range of forming materials, such as: PVC, PP, PVC- PVDC, PVC-PE-PVDC, ACLAR, PETG, ALLI-PE, ALU-PP and lidding materials such as: ALUMINIUM, ALUMINIUM- PAPER, ALUMINIUM-PAPER-MYLAR, ALUMINIUM-PE, POLYPROPYLENE. Owing to the cornplete range of feeders available, the machine can handle products such as hard or soft gelatine capsules, round and oval sugar coated pills and coated or uncoated tablets of any shape and in any different presentation