mass spectrometer / for the semiconductor industry / high-sensitivity / PMT
IMS Wf / SC Ultra



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    for the semiconductor industry

  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, PMT, secondary ion mass


High Performance Magnetic Sector SIMS for Advanced Semiconductors

The CAMECA SC Ultra has been specifically designed to meet the increasing needs for dynamic SIMS measurements in advanced semiconductors.
From standard to ultra-shallow depth profiling

A first requisite to the analysis of advanced semiconductors is the optimization of SIMS analytical conditions for ultra-shallow depth profiling without giving up standard depth profiling applications. CAMECA has therefore developed a SIMS instrument capable of sputtering samples with a large range of impact energies: from high energy (keV range) for thick structures to Ultra-Low Energy (≤ 150eV) for ultra-thin structures. This flexibility in the impact energy choice is available for different well-controlled sputtering conditions (species, incidence angle, etc...).

The design of the CAMECA SC Ultra is quite unique: along with the CAMECA IMS Wf, it is the only SIMS instrument offering EXtreme Low Impact Energy capabilities with no compromise on high mass resolution and high transmission.

Due to the increasing complexity of manufacturing processes, measurements from small test areas of patterned wafers are now preferred to blank wafer analysis, in order to be really representative of the product. This limits the volume of matter available for the analysis and therefore increases the need for high transmission instruments (magnetic sector SIMS capable of high sensitivity from small sputtered craters).