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Stream series



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Presented as a compact unit, the Handte Stream is an interface between the machine tool and the exhaust air system. It is equipped with manual reducing dampers for adjustment of the air system; for machining processes involving oil, it additionally has a quick-action air flap for reducing the extinguishing volume. The primary, most important main function of the compact Handte Stream is the improved safety - but the possibility to save on the air volume is a significant factor in the decision to make the investment!

Permanent volume flow monitoring supplies information about the compliance with the specified function, i.e. the volumes of air to be extracted from the machine tools. Here, you need to make sure that enough air is extracted to meet the health and safety regulations and the environmental protection statutes, and to minimize the risks for deflagration and explosion. To this end, the differential pressure is measured at a flow-optimized displacer in accordance with the Bernuli principle. It works properly in all installation positions. Thanks to the redesigned displacer, which can be used horizontally and vertically, long measuring distances are not required. Furthermore, the real volumetric flow rate can be measured. The unit is very robust and extremely resistant to soiling.