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refrigeration temperature controller-limiter



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ir33 represents the basic selection offered by CAREL for applications in refrigeration.
A complete set of controls, from the single-relay version for static refrigerated units with normal temperature, with control only on the compressor, to the 4-relay version for ventilated, low temperature units, with compressor control, resistor or hot gas defrost, evaporation fans and multi-function auxiliary, available in several versions of power supply (12Vac, 12/24Vac, 115Vac, 230Vac and switching 115/230Vac).
Most of the models are equipped with a 16A relay for compressor control and an 8A relay for defrost control, evaporation fans and the auxiliary output. Some models are also available with a 2Hp compressor relay.
In addition to the common setting algorithms, ir33 has some additional features: "Direct" (cold) and "Reverse" (warm) operation with neutral zone, control of a second step regulated compressor, auxiliary evaporator control, condenser fan control, adjustment with supply and return probe with weighted average, display case/cell light control.
For control of the parameters, CAREL offers for free a simple configuration software, called Visual Parameter Manager (VPM), downloadable from:

EN 13485, air, S,A,1, -30°C +30°C