electromechanical bending machine / for tubes / mechanical
A, B, D, E series



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:


  • Tube diameter:

    Min.: 1 in

    Max.: 7 in


Carell Corporation is proud to be a National Distributor of Pedrick Rotary Compression Benders!

Pedrick Tool & Machine Co. founded in 1875 in Philadelphia,PA, developed our line of rotary compression bending machines for shipbuilding, petro-chemical, industrial and maintenance applications worldwide using the most advanced materials and components in machine construction for bending heavy wall tube, pipe and structural sections. The line includes 12 models to serve all budgets and applications.

Bends produced on a 3D bend radius meet American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications for ovality (flattening) and wall thinning.

THE CONCEPT:The Rotary Compression Bending Principle uses a stationary forming die and a powerful wiper arm that rotates around the die which pulls the work piece around the die to create the bend. The wiper arm locks into the rotating top plate. A variety of structural, roll formed and extruded sections can also be formed using the rotary compression process saving time and money!

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: These Pedrick machines have a work surface and rotating top plate in heavy normalized steel plate mounted on a solid cast or alloy steel base frame. The bending arm is powered by an electric self braking, brushless SEW-Eurodrive right angle motor reduction unit mounted under the table. Bend cycle is controlled by reversing contactors, motor overload protection modules and a control transformer, all which meet NEC, JIC and UL specifications. Switchgear is enclosed in a NEMA style cabinet complete with an external, Lock-Out/Tag-0ut fused disconnect. Adjustable limit switches and hand held controls are standard.