CL-3377-0xx-NRH series

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hammer hammer - CL-3377-0xx-NRH series


  • Weight:

    1.2 lb, 1.9 lb, 2.6 lb, 3.9 lb (0.544 kg)


No-Rebound Hammers (Steel Handle)
Clamps & Accessories

No-Rebound Hammers deliver full impact, about 50% greater than a standard hammer. The housing is filled with special steel pellets that transfer momentum to the impact point. Ideal for assembling machine parts without damage. Speeds up work while reducing fatigue. Allows better hammer control by absorbing the bounce. Steel tube handle with ergonomic rubber grip. Made in Germany.

Available in four sizes (face diameters), in the following weights:

30mm (1.18") 1.2 lbs
40mm (1.57") 1.9 lbs
50mm (1.96") 2.6 lbs
60mm (2.36") 3.9 lbs

No-Rebound Hammers are filled with special steel pellets that transfer momentum to the impact point.

Supercraft No-Rebound Hammers have replaceable nylon inserts. These nylon inserts are hard, grease and oil resistant, highly elastic, and have superior strike effectiveness. Applications include assembly operations, metalworking, tooling, positioning of workpieces, automotive assembly and repair work, joining of workpieces, sheet metal working, dent removal, mold construction, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, and scaffold construction.

Never allow the hammer's striking faces to wear down to the point where the hammer housing makes contact with the work surface, as irreparable damage could result. Always wear safety goggles when using a hammer or any striking tool. Bystanders must also wear safety goggles. Never strike the hammer with or against another striking tool, hardened nail, or any other hard object that could cause damage.