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multi-function drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
C10 XP2



  • Drilling type:


  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Drilling diameter:

    Max.: 406 mm

    Min.: 89 mm


The New C10 XP2 represents the joint venture between over 50 years of Casagrande’s experience in the field of drilling, together with the innovation a feature, which characterized the long history of company’s successe

The C10 XP2 is the new Casagrande drill rig designed and manufactured to tackle the larger projects in the field of foundation and is suited for constructing anchors, micropiles, CFA piles and jet-grouting.

Thanks to the ring that connect the rig’s upper structure to the undercarriage, the C10XP2 is a machine highly manoeuvrable and with easy setting up easy even on the most confi ned sites.

The SPM – Smart Power Management – and the full load sensing hydraulic system allow an intelligent engine power management to improve performance of the machinery and reduce fuel consumption. Available in hydraulic and full radio-controlled version, the new C10 XP2 is designed thinking of the operator.