metallurgical accounting software / data acquisition and analysis / reporting / accounting



  • Function:

    data acquisition and analysis, reporting, accounting, data reconciliation, metallurgical accounting

  • Applications:

    for the mining industry, for mineral processing

  • Type:


  • Operating system:


  • Other characteristics:



INVENTEO is a complete metallurgical accounting software solution compliant with the P754 AMIRA code.

It performs:
•Automatic plant data acquisition and processing
•Data reconciliation based on material balance equations
•Automatic metal balance reports generation

INVENTEO is more than a metal accounting software. It is the only packaged solution delivering full on-site plant audits by our world class experts (measurement, sampling, process…), procedures and team training.

From plant data acquisition to financial reporting, INVENTEO helps you to improve the reliability and efficiency of your metallurgical accounting system.

Main benefits
•Enhance corporate governance, improve auditability and transparency of metal accounting and reporting
•Increase performance measurement
•Minimize risk
•Improve process control: better estimation of stocks and losses, effluent gas emissions

Fields of application

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