pressure drop calculation software / fluid dynamics simulation / thermal transfer simulation / sizing



  • Function:

    fluid dynamics simulation, thermal transfer simulation, sizing, for leak detection

  • Applications:

    fluid flow, pipe, HVAC network design, pressure drop calculation, fluid network design

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FLUIDFLOW is a pipe flow and pressure drop calculations software.

With FLUIFLOW, reduce the design time of your fluid networks by 80% and accurately size your installations. Modular tool, it is suitable for the design of complex fluid networks: liquids, gases, non-Newtonian fluids, pulps, two-phase mixtures, heat transfers, etc.

•Automatic sizing of your pipes, valves, pumps and compressors according to API and ISO standards
•Automatic detection of the state of a fluid
•Calculation of pressures, flows, temperatures, heat transfers
•Calculations of pressure drops, speeds at any point in the system and for any type of fluid network
•Prediction of flow regime
•Estimation of pump performance....

•Graphical user interface
•Database of more than 1200 fluids and more than 800 equipment components
•Import/export functions
•Bidirectional communication with Excel
•Automatic generation of calculation reports

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