Counterbalanced forklift GP15-35(C)N

counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
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Motor type
handling, industrial, indoor, outdoor
Other characteristics
4-wheel, counterbalanced, compact, pneumatic tire
Carrying capacity

Min.: 1,500 kg
(3,306.9 lb)

Max.: 3,500 kg
(7,716.2 lb)

Lifting height

3,300 mm
(129.92 in)

Overall width

Min.: 1,065 mm
(41.9 in)

Max.: 1,690 mm
(66.5 in)

Overall length

Min.: 3,330 mm
(131.1 in)

Max.: 3,865 mm
(152.2 in)

Load center distance

500 mm
(19.7 in)

Weight without load

Min.: 2,490 kg
(5,489.5 lb)

Max.: 4,630 kg
(10,207.4 lb)

Axle loading with maximum load front

Min.: 3,510 kg
(7,738.2 lb)

Max.: 7,180 kg
(15,829.2 lb)

Axle loading with maximum load rear

Min.: 460 kg
(1,014.1 lb)

Max.: 950 kg
(2,094.4 lb)

Axle loading without load front

Min.: 990 kg
(2,182.6 lb)

Max.: 1,710 kg
(3,769.9 lb)

Axle loading without load rear

Min.: 1,430 kg
(3,152.6 lb)

Max.: 3,000 kg
(6,613.9 lb)

Track width front

890 mm, 960 mm, 1,060 mm
(35 in, 37.8 in, 41.7 in)

Track width rear

900 mm, 980 mm
(35.4 in, 38.6 in)

Height of mast when lowered

2,140 mm, 2,150 mm, 2,170 mm, 2,300 mm
(84.3 in, 84.6 in, 85.4 in, 90.6 in)

Free lift

115 mm, 140 mm, 145 mm
(4.5 in, 5.5 in, 5.7 in)

Overall height with mast raised

4,355 mm
(171.5 in)

Height to top of overhead guard

2,140 mm, 2,145 mm, 2,165 mm, 2,175 mm
(84.3 in, 84.4 in, 85.2 in, 85.6 in)

Seat height

930 mm, 940 mm, 990 mm
(36.6 in, 37 in, 39 in)

Tow couplig height

290 mm, 310 mm, 330 mm, 340 mm
(11.4 in, 12.2 in, 13 in, 13.4 in)

Length to fork face

Min.: 2,260 mm
(89 in)

Max.: 2,795 mm
(110 in)

Fork carriage width

920 mm, 1,000 mm
(36.2 in, 39.4 in)

Ground clearance under mast with load

110 mm, 115 mm, 135 mm, 150 mm
(4.3 in, 4.5 in, 5.3 in, 5.9 in)

Ground clearance at center of wheelbase with load

135 mm, 165 mm, 170 mm
(5.3 in, 6.5 in, 6.7 in)

Turning circle radius

Min.: 1,950 mm
(76.8 in)

Max.: 2,440 mm
(96.1 in)

Minimum distance between centres of rotation

555 mm, 715 mm, 780 mm
(21.9 in, 28.1 in, 30.7 in)

Travel speed

Min.: 16.5 km/h
(10.3 mph)

Max.: 19.5 km/h
(12.1 mph)

Lifting speed

Min.: 0.4 m/s
(1.312 ft/s)

Max.: 0.7 m/s
(2.297 ft/s)

Lowering speed

Min.: 0.4 m/s
(1.312 ft/s)

Max.: 0.5 m/s
(1.64 ft/s)

Rated drawbar pull

Min.: 16,700 N

Max.: 21,800 N

Rated output

41 kW, 46.9 kW
(55.7 hp, 63.8 hp)

Rated speed

1,600 rpm, 1,800 rpm
(10,053.1 rad.min-1, 11,309.7 rad.min-1)

Cubic capacity

2,065 cm³, 2,488 cm³
(69.8 US fl oz, 84.1 US fl oz)

Maximum operating pressure

180 bar
(2,610.7 psi)

Oil flow

60 l/min, 73 l/min
(15.9 us gal/min, 19.3 us gal/min)

Noise level

79 dB


Compact LPG forklifts built with durability in mind Regardless of the application expectation, these compact LPG forklifts have deservedly acquired a name synonymous with durability. Three frame types, five mast capacity designs and four engine sizes create a range of different LPG forklift configurations to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find the ideal combination to suit your needs. Ideal for industrial applications, the the 1.5-3.5 tonnes LPG forklift trucks achieve outstanding traction on sloping or slippery surfaces, with solid pneumatic tyres providing excellent operator comfort. A built-in warning system and easy maintenance procedures help to keep your truck in service and your costs to a minimum. The 1.5-3.5 tonnes LPG forklifts are equipped with the GCT GK21E and GCT GK25E engines. These proven, high powered and clean LPG engines, with standard 3-way closed loop catalytic converter, provide the performance and torque necessary when trucks are required for use in demanding applications indoors and outdoors. Modern design techniques in combination with long component life result in a long service interval which reduces total cost of ownership. Vehicle Control Module manages various truck and operator functions, allowing easy troubleshooting and pinpointing of problems. LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation, maintenance state and soot level (diesel) - with indication of service requirements to prevent unexpected downtime and costs due to unscheduled servicing and repairs. LED front work lights and front/rear combination lights reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.


*Prices are pre-tax. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates.