UV-Vis spectrophotometer / color / benchtop / reflectance



  • Spectrum:

    UV-Vis, color

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    reflectance, compact

  • Technical applications:

    for color measurement

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,100 nm

    Min.: 190 nm


The ReflectaScan Reflectance Spectrophotometer is designed as a universal reflectance measuring instrument capable of scanning samples over the wavelength range 190-1000nm. An integral printer plots results and an external dot matrix or colour inkjet printer may be used if required.
Diffuse Reflectance Measurements

The integrating sphere system allows a range of measurements to be made.

- Diffuse and specular samples
- Total hemispherical reflectance
- Specular excluded diffuse reflectance
- Transmittance of turbid or scattering samples
- Diffuse reflectance of powder samples

The compact sphere, which mounts within the instrument's sample compartment, is made from SpectralonTM which has the highest reflectance over the UV and visible region of any known substance. This gives high energy throughput resulting in excellent performance. The design is versatile, easy to use and allows for the elimination of substitution errors.

A 0° sample rest enables measurements to be carried out with the specular component eliminated. Substituted by a 11° sample rest, total hemispherical reflectance is measured.