sanding finishing machine / linear / for wheel rims



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    for wheel rims


Achieve today’s most sought-after and cost-effective finishes in a compact, fully-featured production machine. Sand, coat and cure mouldings and other linear material. Meet any other requirements for abrasion or chemical resistance, all with the CVS by DV Systems.
What it does

The only moulding finishing system to incorporate sanding, coating and curing in a single compact, cost-effective workstation. Sanding wheel positions are available for up to all four sides of the profile. Coating is applied and excess removed via four individually-controllable vacuum heads. Curing is nearly instantaneous utilizing multiple UV lamps.

Ideal for small to medium production requirements
​Easy-to-use touch-screen control
Sanding: Individually positioned sanding wheels on all four sides for single-pass production
Vacuum Coating: Efficient, full-spectrum coating with no overspray or environmental waste
Fast UV Cure: Adjustable partial to full-cure depending on requirements
No VOC emissions | No permits required | Reduced flammability
Consistent results | Low coatings costs
Small production footprint

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