thermal evaporator / falling film / process / for dairy products



  • Type:

    thermal, falling film

  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for dairy products


The Rossi & Catelli brand is often associated with the optimum capacity of handling high viscosity products, however it would be strongly reductive not to consider that the real success is due to the ability to produce the best evaporative systems in the world. For this reason the rane of evaporators includes the Poseidon “falling film” technology evaporator, ideal for evaporating all low viscosity heat-sensitive products.
Over the years the Poseidon evaporator has proved to be one of the most versatile machines, capable of concentrating purees, cloudy juices, fruit and vegetable clear juices, but also a number of products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Thanks to TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression) technology, Poseidon is capable of providing a highly efficient evaporating action along with a mild heat treatment which, also owing to the short residence time, ensures the best quality of the products.

High efficiency during the water evaporation phase thanks to the configuration of the heat-exchanger on top of the chamber. This allows to reduce product temperatures inside the heat-exchanger.
Pumps, heat-exchangers and piping designed to handle high consistency products.
No product carry-over effect towards the cooling towers.
Very limited fouling phenomena with consequent extended working cycles
Energy saving
Particularly advanced electronic control and management system with complete system automation, supervision of plant parameters, user-friendly interface and remote control

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