plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / for pasteurization / for the food industry
Olimpic P



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    for pasteurization, for the food industry


Olimpic P is a plate heat exchanger for pre-heating, pasteurizing and cooling of liquid products as dairy, beers and beverage. Olimpic P consists in a unit of corrugated metal plates with holes to allow the two fluids to pass through, between which fluids the thermal exchange occurs. Plates unit is compressed between the fix frame plate and the mobile pressure one by means of the stay rods. Plates are equipped with a gasket sealing the channels among the plates and directs the fluids to alternate channels. Number of plates is determined by capacity, fluids’ physical characteristics and thermal programme.

Maximum thermal exchange efficiency and process uniformity.
Product pressure is always higher than the working fluids pressure: aseptic conditions are guaranteed during every single cycle phase.
Employment of positive pumps for mass transfer.
Self-standing C.I.P. system: plant washing fully independent from external, uncontrolled factors, descaling and refining on water side (efficient thermal exchange).
Windows software supervision: fully accessible and re-configurable.

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