multiple-disc clutch / spring / hydraulic
MWI series



  • Type:


  • Operation:

    spring, hydraulic

  • Torque:

    Max.: 400 Nm (295.0249

    Min.: 25 Nm (18.4391


1. Accurate response - the specially treated friction plate is a perfect solution when it comes to lesser startup time in generating torque. Also combination with a specially designed spring helps in minimizing the no load torque.
2. No adjustment needed - the magnetic coil is fixed and does not need protection against any dust or other stuff. in order to avoid adjustments & to make the size compact, all the components built in to the main body of the system.
3. Compact & loaded with torque: the product is best in its class as it offers the most compact size & highest output torque. These qualities ensure about easy installation & better output & productivity thus making it an ideal option at the place of its application.
4. Greater capacity for connecting work: The unit can be used at places of tough & demanding situations including lubrication & connection.
5. Extremely durable: It is protected by a highly effective layer, thus it can produce reliable output for longer period of operation even after its high frequency speed applications

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