universal data-logger / Ethernet / with screen / for electrical networks
Enertrace Enerdis



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  • Display:

    with screen

  • Applications:

    for electrical networks

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ENERTrace is a process encoder that is available in three new economical models: 3 analogue inputs, 6 analogue inputs, and 3 negative U/I inputs. It is a paperless plug and play recorder that suffices the traceability requirements of the user. It may easily replace old paper encoders because it is compact, and has an available portable version.

This process encoder features an accuracy of ±0.1% on analogue U/I inputs, and a commendable high-definition 6.1" VGATFT screen with 256 colours. It delivers an auxiliary power supply with a dynamic range of 90 to 264Vac / 11 to 370Vdc, and is data-secured by encryption.

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