storage cabinet / floor-mounted / double-door / sheet steel
CSF232BMY11, CSF232MY11



  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Construction:


  • Material:

    sheet steel

  • Other characteristics:

    lockable, fire-resistant, ventilated, chemical-resistant

  • Product applications:

    for flammable products

  • Width:

    1,200 mm

  • Height:

    1,950 mm

  • Depth:

    600 mm


Completely manufactured from 1 - 1,5 mm thickness steel sheet,
cold pressed, epoxy coated with acid resistant epoxy powders
electro-statically applied at a temperature of 200 °C,
which ensures a layer thickness higher than 90 microns
on the whole surface of the cabinet.
Special insulation with rock-wool fibers’ high density panels
(Fiberceramic exempt) resistant to high temperatures (800 °C)
and panels of calcium sulphate. Internal finishing with MFC panels,
resistant to acid and corrosive vapours.
Certification as from EN 14470-1 and 14727 norms.
• Automatic door closure in case the ambient temperature
exceeds 47 °C (according to market).
• Lock with key and door blockage.
• Feet adjustment level.
• 90 minutes certified valves close the ventilation holes
when the temperature exceeds 70 °C; one is placed on the roof
for extraction, one on the bottom to guarantee the extraction
of heavy vapours.
• Air extraction duct collar 100 mm diam. placed
on top of the safety cabinet.
• Anti-sparking hinges.
• 3 cm thermo-expanding gasket (DIN 1402).
• no. 3 epoxy coated or stainless steel shelves on stainless
steel supports, height adjustable.
• Bottom sump with draining grid which allows
a bigger storage volume.
• Grounding connection on top of the cabinet
to prevent electrostatic charges.