desktop keyboard / with mechanical keys / without pointing device / with card reader
AP POS G81-8000 series



  • Mounting:


  • Key type:

    with mechanical keys

  • Pointing device:

    without pointing device

  • Other characteristics:

    with card reader, USB

  • Domain:



Full Size 18.5 " Footprint Version.
Mechanical Keyswitches are rated at 50 million actuations to withstand harsh environments and ensure long product lifetime
Full US 104 Position Key Layout
Available with PS/2 and USB Interface
43 Freely Programmable Keys for Easy Layout Configuration
High Performance Magnetic Stripe Reader with Freely Programmable Headers and Terminators for each Track
Selection of Non-Keyboard Hexcodes Enhances Security for Credit Card Processing (USB)
Free Parsing and Configuration of Magnetic Stripe Data Stream (USB)
Powerful Configuration Software CHERRY Tools Enhances Functionalities when Switching into Virtual Programming Mode and Allows for Quick Product Setup & Configuration
Easy Configuration File Transfer with Windows Explorer
UPOS Drivers for Windows and Linux Support of Client-Server Architectures
Remote Network Installation with CHERRY Tools Runtime Version (USB)