trench compactor road roller / vibrating
TR630, TR850



  • Type:

    trench compactor

  • Options:


  • Operating weight:

    1,573 kg, 1,675 kg (3,467.9 lb)


The muscular TR850 and TR630 series consists of a space-saving and rugged structure along with a high power engine, greater traction and dependable operation. It is ideal for work on cohesive or powdered soil though the trenches, refills and foundation.

TR850 moves around smoothly in spite of his rugged design in the the most complex surroundings and contains counter revolving drums for activating the rotation in its own axis for smoother twisting of rigid corners.

Additionally, the tall pads of the drums offer high productivity and helps the machine climb up to 35-degree slopes. TR850 also comprises of an oil cooler provision that guarantees higher durability and you can easily use the service points beneath the top covers.