AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 400 V



  • AC/DC:

    AC, three-phase

  • Type:


  • Voltage :

    400 V

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Min.: 0.12 kW (0.163 hp)

    Max.: 200 kW (271.924 hp)


Y2 electric motor is a totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motors. The device is designed with IP54/IP55 protection and class F insulation and its efficiency are in compliance with EFF 2 standard European. The Y2 Series motors are extensively used as drive mechanism of various machineries, such as pumps, compressors, machining equipments, transportation system, agricultural mechanism, food processing mechanism etc. They are available in frame 80 to 315, 2/4/6/8 poles, 10/12 poles for frame 280 and frame 355 on request.

The motor operates in -15oC~40oC ambient temperature with 380V, 400V, 415V rated voltage, 50Hz or 60Hz rated frequency and up to 1000 meters altitude. The motors come with 3KW star connection, lower output power, 4KW delta-connection and up output power. The series offer S1 duty, IP54/IP55 protection, F class insulation and IC411 cooling method.