DC motor / synchronous / two-phase DC / micro

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DC motor / synchronous / two-phase DC / micro DC motor / synchronous / two-phase DC / micro


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    two-phase DC, micro


DC electric micro-motor relies on the fact that like magnet poles repel and unlike magnetic poles attract each other. It is manufactured by Chinabase company.

The unit is a simple DC motor that has stationary set of magnets in the stator and an armature with a series of two or more windings of wire wrapped in insulated stack slots around iron pole pieces.

Hangzhou products including this DC electric micro-motor is also specialized in mini AC gears. The unit has accessories such as gear motors, speed control motors, brake motors, torque motors, and DC gear motors.

It is applicable to use in industries like in machine tools, textile machinery, medical appliance, conveying machines, printing mechanism, food and packing machinery, vending machines.