steel weighbridge / for trucks
Pit foundation type

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steel weighbridge / for trucks steel weighbridge / for trucks - Pit foundation type


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Truck Weighbridge
(OIML approval III standard)
Upright U-shaped frame box Beam VS. Simple Inverted trapezoidal U shape Beam.
1.Our Sealed Frame Box structure main features:
1) Upright U-shaped girder, the longitudinal beams with steel plate thickness 8mm, Girder height use 250,280,300,320mm
according to weighing capacity and special request ,Also,require selection of the middle two H-beam,which will be higher strength and better performance.
2) Inside the longitudinal direction of the scale body, addingδ6mm thick transverse ribs every 500mm, the middle scale body also has δ6mm high lateral full bars,like this way,transverse ribs and integrated lateral full bars will make each longitudinal beam bear force equally,in particular in the Middle scale body happens maximum deflection, so our design of lateral full bar with six beams forced,Reduce the scale body partial distortion,deformation,Thus,extending the life of the scale body.
3) Four-lane bottom sealed with steel plate which form a strong box shape, the bottom of scale body tensile strength enhanced,better rigidity,greatly strengthen Girder bending capability.
2.Inclined U-shaped beam(Inverted trapezoidal U-shaped Beam)
Main Disadvantage:
4 ~ 6mm wall thickness steel plate girder only,scale body no internal lateral ribs,no bottom seal,only panel and six Inverted trapezoidal beams forms scale body, diagonal lift is soft,anti-bias load is weak,no torsion,nor impact.
Another,due to thin girder plate,Terrible corrosion resistance,greatly effect on scale body using life,If take high frequency using,only 2-3 years,even 1 year period need to heavy maintenance.
Customers pay attention to the cost and quality choice.