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concrete spraying machine / articulated arm / tracked
CSS3 Evo



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    articulated arm, tracked



- D914L05 Step IIIA, air cooled 72 kW
- TD3.6 L04 Step IIIB, liquid cooled 90 kW
- TD3.6 L04 Step IIIB with DPF, liquid cooled 90 kW

Electrical ABB, 55kW IE2 engine
Uniflux H1.0 dosing system, peristaltic pump with hydraulic drive, electronic management. Suitable for any kind of liquid accelerator. It keeps constant the preset additive percentage even when pumping parameters change.
Setting accelerator tanks (2x1000 Lt)
Hydraulically returned wind cable device, with 100 m cable
Electric grid vibrator
2 Proportional radio-remote controls
Hydraulically controlled high pressure water pump (50 l/min - 50 bars), with washing nozzle and 15 m of pipe
Water tank (600 l)
Nebulisation fluid hand pump for concrete anti-adhesion protection (10 l)
Automatic lubrication for valve (in 8 points), hopper mixer, turret and double trust block
Twin motors (electric/diesel)
FOPS cabin with reversible driving position
N. 6 x 45W Xeno working light on the turret
N. 1 70W hopper light