resistive touch screen screen / TFT / panel-mount / 8-wire



  • Technology:

    resistive touch screen, TFT

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    8-wire, 5-wire, 4-wire, abrasion-resistant

  • Applications:



We offer a highly sensitive and easy-to-control resistive touchscreen technology which, if you wish.can be combined with other types of
control panels, such as membrane keyboards. With these, fully integrated systems can be designed.
Matrix and analogue versions are available, even as film/glass and film/film versions. You can choose between 4 -, 5- and 8 wire versions.
Clicktouch exploits a resistive touchscreen technology to offer a number of advantages over competitive products:
٠ Simple and reliable
٠ Integrated solutions possible
٠ High Quality
٠ Resistant to chemicals and abrasion
* Works with gloves
* Durable and Versatile