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Clysar’s most popular multi-purpose film, HP Gold’s balance of performance and value makes it the film of choice for applications from multi-packs to consumer goods. Extremely operator-friendly and easy to run, HP Gold handles high production speeds and a wide range of operating windows while delivering strong, reliable seals. Plus, its high shrink force and strength makes it great for bundling, or handling products with irregular shapes or air voids.

Use For
• Baked goods, such as trayed muffins, pies and cakes
• Box overwraps such as games
• On-pack promotions
• Bundled and club products
• Multi-packs
• Household products
• Consumer goods
• Paper (ream-size and up)
• Pizza
• Products with irregular shapes or voids

• Wide sealing window for idiot-proof sealing and shrink performance
• Performs reliably even in less-than-ideal operating conditions
• Tight, crisp, even shrink in all directions
• Compatible with all sealing systems including manual, semi-automated and automated
• High strength holds even heavy products like cans together
• Beautiful sparkle, clarity and gloss
• Excellent printability

Solves Issues
• Resists burn-through, especially on hard-to-shrink products
• Eliminates pinholes, balloon bursts and weak seals
• Conforms to even irregular shapes without dog-ears and loose film
• Resists tearing and punctures
• Versatility eliminates need to have multiple film SKUs in contract packaging