continuous analyzer / hydrogen / flue gas / combustion
TunnelTech 400 series

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continuous analyzer / hydrogen / flue gas / combustion continuous analyzer / hydrogen / flue gas / combustion - TunnelTech 400 series


  • Measured entity:

    hydrogen, flue gas

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, compact, IP65, sampling, extractive, electrochemical


The CODEL TunnelTech 401 NO2 CO, NO and Visibility Air Quality Monitor is a compact extractive analyser configured for the continuous measurement of four key parameters in road tunnels. This extremely stable and reliable monitor incorporates an LED to utilise the capacity of Nitrogen Dioxide to absorb UV and blue light to provide accurate readings in parts per billion. It also uses the same sampling system to monitor Visibility using a unique double sensor design.

Two Electrochemical cells are also added to the sampling cell to measure CO and NO, NO2 , CO, NO and particulate are produced naturally by the combustion processes within the internal combustion engine and are emitted from the exhausts of all types of vehicles.
Key Features

Measurement of NO2, CO, NO and Visibility in road tunnels
High accuracy determination of NO2 down to low ppb levels ( 0-1000ppb)
Extractive analyser for easy maintenance and calibration
Minimal maintenance requirements, low cost of ownership
Panel mount PC for commissioning, control and diagnostics
RS485 (MODBUS) and Ethernet output