universal process controller
-199 °C ... +1 769 °C | RT1900-R



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RT1900-R is a DIN-rail mounting microprocessor-based controller with universal input accepting Pt100, 10 thermocouple types and various linear signals. It can have up to 3 relays (control or alarm) and analog output that may be controlled through ON/OFF and self-tuning PID-fuzzy algorithms as well as optional RAMP/SOAK pattern control. A bumpless auto-manual change-over is also built in the PID algorithm. RT1900-R is equipped with 4-digit LED display and 4-button keyboard for programming. A triple input/output/supply isolation protects the controller from electromagnetic disturbances. Communication features include RS485 MODEBUS interface and USB port for program parameter storage. RT1900-R is well equipped for trouble-free operation in harsh industrial conditions.