digital I O module / USB / CompactPCI
USB1.1/2.0, In: 32ch, Out: 32ch | DIO-3232LX-USB



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Contec DIO-3232LX-USB is a USB2.0-compliant digital I/O unit useful for giving a digital signal I/O function on a PC.

With DIO-3232LX-USB, it is possible to input and output digital signals at 12 - 24VDC. For interrupt inputs, 32 input signals are available. The device features a digital filter function which averts incorrect input signal recognition and a protection circuit for the output transistor (surge voltage and over current protection).

The unit has 16 channels each of Optocoupler isolated inputs (with compatibility with current sink output) and Optocoupler isolated open-collector outputs (current sink type).

With DIO-3232LX-USB, migration from the existing system is simpler, thanks to its compatibility with PCI bus-compatible board PIO-32/32L(PCI)H and DIO-3232L-PE with respect connector shape and pin assignments.

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