tubular conveyor belt / flexible / fabric / high-resistance



  • Type:

    tubular, flexible

  • Material:


  • Tolerance:


  • Width:

    Max.: 3,200 mm

    Min.: 600 mm


Continental tube conveyor belts combine all features of traditional belt conveyors with the latest technology. This results in an technologically advanced and cost-effective conveyor system. The belt is suitable for cement industry, power stations, waste processing and chemical industry.

The newly developed tube conveyor belt achieves the dependability assured by traditional conveyor belts by retaining all their standard and proven elements. A tube conveyor belt is made out of a conveyor belt. The tight horizontal curves and vertical radii result in an adaptable system configuration.

Based on the material, the conveyor allows up to 30° inclination. Transfer of belt and covering construction are eliminated. The compact design leads to huge space savings. The conveyors ability to handle tight curves adds to the space savings.

The belts provide highest environmental protection while conveying dusty, hazardous, polluted, or strong odor contents. The belts provide material protection from climactic factors such as rain, snow and wind. The materials are also protected from volatilization and falsification resulting from removal or increase of materials.