serial converter / Ethernet / RS-485

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serial converter serial converter - EMI-10L


  • Bus:

    serial, Ethernet, RS-485


Features and benefits of the product link include

Facilitates conversion between the Mod-bus TCP & Mod-bus RTU.
It has 1, 2 RS-485 ports and 1 Ethernet port.
Facilitates support to four simultaneous TCP masters. It can handle 32 simultaneous requests per master.
Facilitates easy setup of hardware & configuration.

The standard mod-bus gateways like EMI-10L convert between Mod-bus TCP & Mod-bus RTU protocols. They handle up to 4 simultaneous Mod-bus TCP masters with maximum of 31 RTU slaves per serial port.
It comes with a standard mod-bus integration.
It is designed to facilitate easy integration of the Mod-bus TCP & RTU networks. This model facilitates the incorporation of the Mod-bus serial slave devices to the current Mod-bus TCP network. This provides access of the Mod-bus TCP slaves to the serial masters.
It offers various features which make it customizable, facilitate easy network integration and are compatible with any Mod-bus network.