sirocco fan / extraction / high-flow / low-pressure

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sirocco fan / extraction / high-flow / low-pressure sirocco fan / extraction / high-flow / low-pressure - ACN


  • Configuration:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-flow, low-pressure, sheet steel, industrial

  • Air flow:

    Max.: 4,680 m³/h (165,272.64 ft³/h)

    Min.: 720 m³/h (25,426.56 ft³/h)


"High performance fan Field of work: high flow rates, low pressure heads. Type of impellers: sirocco (with squirrel-cage). Applications: extraction also of dusty air, vapours, where large volumes of air with low pressures is handled. Temperatures of the fluid: up to 60 °C in standard execution, special executions for higher temperatures. Construction features: strong sheet steel construction, steel sheet fan statically and dynamically balanced. Operating features: extracted air conditions T = 15 °C, p = 760 mm Hg. Noise: the noise values are obtained by the readings taken in the 4 cardinal points at a distance of 1.5 mt from the fan. Engines and transmissions are excluded, free field readings with ducted fans in compliance with UNI Standards. Orientation: the ACN range fans have 16 positions (8 clockwise RD and 8 anti-clockwise LG) defined by looking at the fan from the transmission side. Special constructions: - spark-proof version with non-ferrous shims on the non-rotating parts potentially in contact with the fan - anti-corrosive version: execution with painting or special materials (stainless steel) - version for high temperatures: with cooling fan up to 300 °C, special executions on request for temperatures up to 450 °C."

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