cheese maturing chamber / dry / for the food industry



  • Food product:

    for cheese

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  • Applications:

    for the food industry


At this stage the aim is to develop dairy ferments, giving rise to the fragrance, flavor and texture of the final product. For rind cheeses, the drying phase is included, in order to remove moisture in a controlled manner.

Our new maturation system, consist of using our self-designed boxes with openings strategically positioned that allow adequate ventilation, achieving an outstanding uniformity ripening. Our boxes and stackable and tippable plastic pallets are transported with a forklift. It is not required to use fixed shelves, saving space in the ripening and providing flexibility, maximum hygiene and high uniformity in ripened cheeses is required.
Our cheese drying and ripening equipment guarantee a high degree of efficiency in the process with an exhaustive control of the losses. Its exclusive distribution system achieves a permanent and constant recirculation through motorized gates.

Through various pre-established programs, the microprocessor allows full control of humidity, temperature and air velocity parameters; furthermore it also can communicate for traceability control purposes to the central computer.