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pressure filtration unit / for liquids
MFT series



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    for liquids


The water containing the solid particles in suspension enters inside the filtering drum and, due to the hydrostatic pressure, passes through the membranes depositing on them the impurities. In this way, the holes of the filtering cloth stop up, increases the resistance to the liquid passing and the water level, upstream of the filter, rises till putting into motion the drum rotation control system to have cleaned filtering clothes at the water crossing.
At the same time, the device for the counterwashing of the stopped up membranes enters in operation, restoring the originai selective capacities.

The particular "daisy" profile of the membranes supports permits to have in addition the 50% of filtering surface in comparison with other filters having the same overall dimensions.
The automatic control optimizes the operations reducing a lot of the consumption of electrical energy.
The filtration, which can arrive till 20 micron (a hair is 100 micron and the limit of human eye is 40 micron, reduces considerably the values of BOD5, COD, phosphorous and suspended solids contained in the water to filter and permit to meet possible shortages of the purification plants.