aerosol penetrating oil / biodegradable
ECO Pen Oil

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aerosol penetrating oil / biodegradable aerosol penetrating oil / biodegradable - ECO Pen Oil


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Quick acting penetrating oil. A no compromise penetrating product that attacks pe
netrates through oxides and soil to free corroded fasteners and mechanical components. Its l ow surface tension formulation helps disassembly of close tolerance fasteners and assemblies. Eco Pen Oil is based on a synthetic oil.

• Penetrates into hard-to-reach areas quickly.
• Disperses rust, scale and other oxides.
• Frees metal parts seized by dirt, rust, corrosion
or dried-up greasy deposits.
• Eases quick disassembly of mechanical components,
fittings, assemblies, nuts and bolts
and other close tolerance fasteners.
• Leaves a solid lubricating MoS 2 film.
• Reduces wear and facilitates future disassembly.
• Lowers maintenance costs.
• Reduces scrap rate of seized parts.
• Does not contain silicones.
• Safe for all metals and for most plastics and rubbers (if in doubt, on-the-job testing prior to use is advised).
• Aerosols are equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve and extension tube for added convenience.
• Biodegradability (OECD 301B): 89 %