USB HID remote control / joystick / rugged / for harsh environments
F10U0T-Nx Series



  • Type:


  • Control interface:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, for harsh environments, NEMA 4

  • Product applications:

    industrial, OEM, motion control


The F10U0T-Nx Series, OEM USB Joysticks are used as motion controller devices (USB HID Compliant game controller or flight simulator) allowing up to three axis of control. Using a Windows® Operating System with the Microsoft® HID Driver Interface an Application Developer can quickly implement a motion control application.These motion controllers are made for industrial environments for precision motion control of numerous devices including camera motion control, Stepper Motors, etc. This device also uses the same USB HID Compliant Game Controller technology as a Microsoft Sidewinder®.

The USB FlightStick (flight simulator) is an industrial motion controller device that offers real-time response rates with pin-point precise accuracy for a broad range of application possibilities. These industrial motion controller devices are ideally suited for harsh environments, precision instruments, and restricted spaces. A few of the industries benefiting from the USB FlightStick are aerospace, automotive, medical, homeland security, surveillance, and military.

When mounted to a panel, the USB HID Compliant game controller assembly provides NEMA 4 (IP66) sealing. The USB joystick only requires a 1.65 inch square footprint and 7/8 inch depth for the handle, as the interface PCB can be located
anywhere beneath the panel. These rugged motion control devices can easily be interchanged with one of ten knob options including one, two, or three axis joysticks. A few of theseUSB HID Compliant game controllers have one or two NEMA 4 (IP66) sealed buttons in the handle for easy switching or selection of control.