control pedal / electric / single pedal / suspended



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  • Type:

    single pedal

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  • Applications:

    for vehicles


The WM-540 electronic suspended pedal (from the Williams Controls product brand) is firewall mounted and designed to provide an electrical signal to an engine control module in response to the operator's demand for engine power. This product is equipped with a Hall-effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant. In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors.

The robust design includes a corrosion-resistant, cast-aluminum housing and a coated-steel mounting bracket. Brackets can be modified to meet different mounting requirements. Standard bent-steel lever rods can accommodate a variety of pedal placements, and a customized 3/16” steel plate lever is available for high static-load requirements.