rotating table shot blasting machine / for metal



  • Type:

    rotating table

  • Applications:

    for metal


Cym Materials Argentina and Metacym Brazil manufactures single table and multi table shot blasting machines for processing sensitive components that only need to be blasted on one side, as well as complex, heavy or large parts that can not be processed in bulk load by tumble belt blast machines or spinner hanger machines.

Cym Materiales SA manufactures standard table blast machines with 1 or 2 plates each with a diameter range of 600 mm to 2500mm. Those with two doors have the advantage of reducing the loading / unloading time - while a part is being blasted another component may be loaded for blasting in the next cycle.

The different types of multi tables shotblasting machines may have 2 to 18 plates. They are mainly used for cleaning car tires, water heaters, gear box shot peening, transmission pinions, washers, drills, etc.

The abrasive is propelled by pressure nozzles or centrifugal turbines. The number of the nozzles or wheels in each machine depends on the size of the machine and the components to be blasted.