HSK tool holder / with cylindrical shank / drilling / with coolant



  • Machine mount:


  • Clamping method:

    with cylindrical shank

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:

    with coolant, straight shank


What is MHD?
A modular toolholder system for boring, milling, drilling, tapping.
A rigid high precision system, conceived and manufactured with the most advanced design and production facilities, backed by an experience over many decades in boring operations.
A system of extreme flexibility and simplicity suitable for machine tools, machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems.
A system for machining to closest tolerances with a high degree of surface finish.
A system with internal coolant supply in all its components.
A system available in 11 sizes with full interchangeability of all components.
The MHD coupling is the heart of the tool system as it ensures utmost rigidity and concentricity during milling and boring operations. This is achieved by the (patented) cylindrical-conical fit and by a radial expanding bolt for clamping and driving.

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